It’s the little things

It really is just the little things.  For most of us, nothing else matters.  We may care about the recession, unemployment, world peace, the crime rate, medical research, our educational system.  Indeed we may care about our place in the world, but when all is said and done, it is the little things.

“Don’t sweat the details,” you may have heard on many occasions, but what else is there but the details.  Everything is made up of the details.  If the plans had not been laid out first, the rest would not matter.  And what are the plans?  They are the details.  That is why  the little things matter.  This week and for many weeks to come, we will hear about the grand plans.  We will end poverty.  We will create jobs.  We will improve the economy.  We will have world peace!  Of course, we like to hear the big ideas, but what are the details?

In all the facts and figures that will be thrown around between now and the first Tuesday in November, will we ever hear the real details about the programs that will be set forth to improve the nation?  No, of course not.  No one can give us the small details, because they simply do not know.  Even if the politicians knew the details, they could not tell us for fear their opponents would rip them to shreds by the 6th of November.  We will not know the little things that make up the big ideas.  We will not even know if they exist.

It is the lack of little things that keep many of the “little people” from voting for the big politicians.  If they do not see an impact on their lives, what is the point of voting?  I am sure some will vote for a party.  Some will vote against a party.  Some may vote an idea, because they think there MUST be a lot of small details behind it.   I am sure you have heard that many will vote their wallets.  That is to say, they will vote for whether they have a little more or a little less than they had the last election.  It is still the bottom line that matters.

This past week I did not watch the Republican National Convention.  I am not likely to watch the Democratic National Convention this week either.  At one time, the conventions actually voted a platform and picked a candidate.  Once the presidential candidate was picked, there would be another day of intrigue until names were placed in nomination on the convention floor for a running mate.  This is all gone.  There are no little things happening on the convention floor or at the podium that would hold our national interest.  Now it is all predetermined, and while the political parties might lead us to the falsehood that decisions are made at the convention, they are not.  It is a giant commercial that the parties put up and they get just a little sore when the networks no longer wish to run gavel-to-gavel coverage.  Of course, the Republicans probably wish we would have skipped the little detail where Speaker Boehner was loudly booed for ramming rules changes down the delegates throat.  I will spare you the details, the rules change basically allows the front running candidate to choose what can be done at the convention, including which delegates can be seated to pick the, uh…candidate!  That was the little detail that was supposed to help create the illusion of party unity.

At the end of the campaign, I would like to know how the candidate is actually going to create jobs, how he is going to reduce the deficit and strengthen the financial system.  I would like to know how he is going to reform Wall Street, reform election laws, reform the health care system and the retirement funds.  I would like someone to tell us how they will work with other countries to encourage trade and open foreign markets.   What are all the little things that are going to make our tomorrows great?  That’s what I would like to hear, but I guess we will just have to vote for the guy with the best commercials.  No matter how hard you listen, you will not be hearing the little things.  And so, my fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you…because they will not tell you anyway.

2 thoughts on “It’s the little things

  1. Well put. The Devil is in the details and you just can’t claim he is represented by “the other side” if you permit people to look too close. Americans are indeed “exceptional”, if only in our ability to remain unembarrassed by our leaders.

    All the best
    Mrs. N.


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