A few thought provoking minutes

Hello, readers, bloggers and inhabitants of the 3rd planet from the sun:  My name is Rich and my plan is simple: to provide a few thought provoking minutes every Sunday and sometimes in between just for the fun of it.  Every topic is fair game because every topic is my life, and your life too.  Your friends and family touch you, politics affect you, climate chills or warms you, music soothes or rocks you, movies entertain you and taxes burden you.  I might grab something from the news or from the back pages of my mind.  Whatever it is on any given Sunday, I hope it brings you back on another Sunday to visit again.  Humor, satire, news, entertainment, and sometimes poetry or short stories will be found here.  Feel free to jump in with comments.  Dialogue is a good thing and something we might be able to demonstrate to the aliens inside the beltway.

Meanwhile, I have also been contributing some short stories and random thoughts to SERENDIPITY blog.  That is the daily blog by Marilyn Armstrong which includes her writings and photographs.  I have hijacked Sundays to present short stories and essays about life.  Stop over there any day to enjoy her posts.  You will quickly be a fan, just like I am.  Her daily photographs always exhibit a keen eye and tell a uniquely American story.  I am pleased to be able to grab a spot there.


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  1. I like what you say and I like how you say … albeit our relationship began with a testy catfight, I rather suspect we have much in common. Claws retracted? I’d like to follow your blog, having had a browse.


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