Lorraine American Cemetery and Memorial

This World War II cemetery at St. Avold, France contains the remains of American soldiers who fought for freedom in Europe and did not return home.  Who will be there to decorate their graves on Memorial Day weekend?  Who will decorate the graves of those who did return home?  Will they be remembered this holiday weekend?


Click on a picture and go through the larger versions of each. To read more about the Lorraine American Cemetery and Memorial visit Serendipity blog here.


We have one more list of music to sequester by. Be sure to click on “View original post” at the bottom to head over to SERENDIPITY for some quarantine music. Don’t forget to sing along.

Serendipity Seeking Intelligent Life on Earth

A Solitary Man, Rich Paschall

When the “stay at home” orders dragged on from March to April and then to May, it seemed like we needed some music to fit the situation. Some were creating playlists and posting them online. Others were writing and recording new songs. With all this creativity at hand, I decided to jump into the fray with our own Pandemic Playlist.

A lonely seagull

First up was a post entitled Splendid Isolation, named after the song by the late Warren Zevon. I sat down to compile a song list that would seem to fit our unique situations. This led to a variety of topics and a very long “shortlist” for my Top Ten.  It was hard work watching all those YouTube videos but I knew, “I Will Survive.”

With the SERENDIPITY Sequester Songlist finished, I knew we were off to a good start, but I…

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JUST A LONELY BOY – Rich Paschall

We knew that you needed more than one Pandemic Playlist, so here is another for you lonely souls out there. Be sure to click on “View original post” at the bottom to head over to SERENDIPITY for the Lonesome Top Ten. Don’t forget to sing along!

Serendipity Seeking Intelligent Life on Earth

Lonely And Blue, by Rich Paschall

Are you lonesome tonight? Alone again, unnaturally? Feeling like Mr. Lonely? Lonely Is The Night these days so we thought it was time for our Lonesome List top ten. You can make a Journey to Ask the Lonely, but you will just be a Lonesome Loser. Those Lonely People will not have the music to sequester by.

Lonely town, lonely street

I Think We’re Alone Now, so I will give a shout out to a Bill Withers tune. The Grammy-winning artist passed away recently at the age of 81.

We don’t want you to feel like a Solitary Man or that you are the only “One.” We can be Alone Together with these top hits.

10. Alone Together, Dan + Shay. The young Country stars scored well with this song and entertaining video, a 2018 release. I was going to put Alone…

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Sometimes you just have to ask. Be sure to click on “View original post” at the bottom to head over to SERENDIPITY for the rest of these all-important life questions.

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No Mystery Here, by Rich Paschall

Many questions may arise throughout each week in your household.  If it is a multi-person household, it may be difficult to ascertain the answers, but in a two-person household, there is just one option.

You probably know all these questions.  They are standard and customary in life.  People everywhere are asking them.  Some will need to be repeated often during the year.  Each response, if you get one in your multi-person home, may surprise you.  If you have multiple teenagers, for example, you may think you know who caused _________ (fill in the issue), only to find out later that a different teenager, or even your mate, is responsible.

Arriving at Chicago O’Hare

When my mate joined me here, all things were fine at first.  I tried to accommodate my friend as best I could, and he tried to fit into the routine of…

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In case you missed it, we shared some thoughts recently on SERENDIPITY about the supply chain and how the current situation affects us all. The repairs to the links in our supply chain will be slow. Be sure to click on “View original post” at the bottom to head over to teepee12.com for the rest of these thoughts.

Serendipity Seeking Intelligent Life on Earth

Now that supply and delivery logistics are breaking down throughout this country and the rest of the world, this might be something to which you might want to pay attention.

The Pandemic Problem, by Rich Paschall

Arriving at Chicago O’Hare

It is a lot quieter at the airport these days. There are few passengers, therefore fewer flights. The drop off is significant. The reductions will continue, not just because of a fear of flying by the public, but also because of the restrictions put into place by countries around the world.

After over 30 years in the freight forwarding industry, I joined an airline last year. I have been working for Air Canada at Chicago O’hare International Airport. ORD is one of the busiest airports in the world. In fact, it has been ranked 6th in recent years. There were over 83 million passengers served at ORD in 2018.


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It’s time for your music break. This one had a few successful covers for the one-hit-wonder. Be sure to click on “View original post” at the bottom to head over to SERENDIPITY for the music. Be sure to sing along!

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Who Sang It Better? by Rich Paschall

Mornin’ girl, how’d ya sleep last night?
You’re sev’ral ages older now

Oh, no, things are different now than they were before
You know love is more than kisses

The Neon Philharmonic – 1969

The Lettermen – 1971

Morning girl, where you been so long?
Your lips have got some color now
A little too much color now
Your clothes have gone from nylon to lace, somehow

Shaun Cassidy – 1976

It was a one hit wonder for The Neon Philharmonic in 1969.  They achieved the big sound by using musicians from the Nashville Symphony Orchestra.  The lead singer was Don Gant. It only made number 17 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the US.  It did somewhat better in Canada.

Although credited to the Lettermen, you are only hearing one of their singers in the 1971 cover. Jim Pike sang with the…

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We did not want anyone to miss out on our Pandemic Playlist, so here it is again. Be sure to click on “View original post” at the bottom to head over to SERENDIPITY for your Sequester Songs. Don’t forget to sing along.

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Your Quarantine Playlist, by Rich Paschall

Since you have to Hunker In The Bunker you probably have been eagerly awaiting my list of top Sequester Songs. Never fear, I have compiled my playlist of hot hibernation harmonies, filled with lonely lyrics and secluded sounds. These top ten tunes will be just the thing you need to “Shake the Disease” and make it through these “Hard Times.” Not even “Eleanor Rigby” would walk down the “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” right now. Just stay home and “Don’t Let It Bring You Down.” A few of the 10,000 Maniacs may have decided to do “La Danse Macabre” outside, but we will stay inside even if it means “Dancing With Myself.”

La danse macabre

Not surprisingly, a number of new songs have been released about the current condition in the world. A young artist known as Powfu (Isaiah Faber) has a new…

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Growing Up

I read so slowly,
Falling behind in everything.
My friends are on the next book;
I’m still on Chapter 2.
They say it is about hate, sex, war,
The downfall of society.
I thought it was about love, childhood,
Playing games.
Maybe they taught something
The day I was absent.

Books, creative commons license

Old friends are no longer close to me.
I thought they were standing still.
Now I meet new people.
Should I move on anyway?

Why do they run when
Walking is much easier?
They are calling for me to catch up.
I can’t turn the pages that fast.

Maybe I’ll buy the “notes.”


All Rights Reserved

 April is National Poetry Month.



This year it will be five years since a Hall of Fame teacher came back from retirement for a special tribute. I share this story and poem again because April is National Poetry Month. By the way, this teacher is still doing just fine. Be sure to click on “View original post” at the bottom to head over to SERENDIPITY for the rest of the story and the poem.

Serendipity Seeking Intelligent Life on Earth

A Hall of Fame Teacher

There are a lot of dedicated teachers.  Many find a good school and stay with it for decades.  Most of us can recall a teacher like this.  The fortunate ones will encounter several as they go through school.  I had such a teacher.

It is rare that over 20 years after a teacher retires, her legacy lives on.  At my parish and high school, current administrators frequently hear from alumni the stories of a teacher they never met.  “Mrs. Kittler was the best teacher I ever had,” many remark.  The praises have not stopped long after the teacher retired and moved away.

Photo Credit: St. Benedict HS archive Photo Credit: St. Benedict HS archive

Laurette Kittler started out with a brief foray into acting and seemed to have a promising future.  She decided to follow another passion however, and went into teaching.  In the spring of 1959, St. Benedict High School asked her…

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Grandma’s Gone Home

When my grandmother passed away many years ago, we had a wake here in Chicago and again two days later in her home town of Martin, Tennessee. In between her remains were flown to Memphis and then driven up to Martin. We took the long drive to Martin from Chicago to attend the wake and then the burial next to my grandfather.  Shortly after my return home, I wrote the following.


Grandma (left)

You flew home.
We drove –
Across long, lonely Sunday highways.
The sky glared down at us
Through hazy eyes.
The air was filled with static
And thoughts of bears and bird dogs.
The road led us past sights
No longer familiar.
Time has no sympathy for trips like these.
Still, we must go home again.


You waited peacefully.
We came in our Sunday best.
Friends and relatives gathered
From places you’d been years earlier.
Some held vague remembrances
Of family experiences.
Some wore faces no longer familiar.
Time gives no comfort at occasions like these.
Still, we will come home again.


You led the way.
As always, we followed.
Slowly you took us
Across streets wet with morning rain.
The air was heavy
With memories we couldn’t express.
The clouds had gone but
The mist stayed in our eyes.
On a hilltop you joined
Friends and relatives who left years earlier.
Although carved in stone,
Some held names no longer familiar.
Time moves on toward days like these,
When we’ll all go home again.


Copyright Richard Paschall

April is National Poetry Month