It is time for one more holiday playlist from last year. No dead guys this time, just young artists. Some you may know already, some may be new to you. Click the link below (View original post) to follow over to SERENDIPITY and sing along.

Serendipity - Seeking Intelligent Life on Earth

My Top Ten Christmas Songs, Young Artists Edition, By Rich Paschall

From the time your Halloween pumpkin turned to mush on your front porch until now, you have been hearing Christmas music in the stores, on the radio and television and perhaps on your computer and mobile devices as well.  As we have noted on past Top Ten lists, the airwaves have been filled with familiar voices singing the same holiday hits to us that they have been singing for decades.  Of course, it is not Christmastime if we do not hear Bing, Perry, Andy and Nat crooning to us, but perhaps there are some newer artists who will earn a spot on the radio station playlist some day soon.

It is in this spirit that I come to you with another holiday playlist in hand.  I can see by the tired look on your faces, that you are ready for something fresh. …

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You may need a lot of music for your holiday weekend, so I thought it was a good time to share some artists and songs.

Serendipity - Seeking Intelligent Life on Earth

My You Tube favorites, by Rich Paschall

In the past singers gained popularity through radio play and variety shows on radio and television.  Now music is on streaming services and video sites.  The most popular video site, of course, is You Tube.  Many artists will use other social media outlets and personal websites to promote their You Tube videos which in turn popularize their songs, both cover versions of well-known artists as well as original works.

Since there is a lot of crap on You Tube, I have decided to come to your musical, if not indeed your emotional, rescue and let you know my top 10 favorites.  I follow them all through subscriptions on You Tube so I can see when new work comes along.  You can do the same.  Signing up on You Tube is free.  You can even start your own channel and sing out too.

The following…

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This and That

Random Thoughts and Musings

There are over 330 traffic deaths in Illinois already this year.  This may be due to drinking and driving, speeding through work zones or distracted driving.  I sat at a traffic light this past week watching a police SUV speeding toward us with lights on, sirens and horns blowing when a driver from a cross street went through the intersection nearly missing a high-speed collision.  It looked to me like she was talking on the telephone.  I wonder if she had any idea of the close call she just had.

It is a puzzlement to me why some people continue to smoke when they are presented with certain proof that the practice can kill you.  Why would anyone risk his/her life like that?  On the other hand, I continue to eat foods with more than a little cholesterol even though my doctor told me my cholesterol is too high.  To top it off, my brother had quadruple bypass surgery probably due to the same cholesterol issues.  Of course, he ate far more junk than I do.  At least that is what I keep telling myself.

Does anyone think the AIDS epidemic is over?  It may have slowed but it is still here.  Three possible cures does not mean a thing in the short-term.

Who discovered that the best way to check your prostate health is to stick his figure up your bum?  The only other people who do that for money are in a completely different profession.

Gardening is the best way to take your mind off of every day stress.  You can so focus in on playing in the dirt, that you forget about everything else.  That reminds me of my childhood actually.

The city of Chicago has over 22,000 surveillance cameras.  Who says Big Brother is not watching?  Of course that does not stop the jackass that has to tag a garage door or the side of a preschool building in my neighborhood.

Does anyone wonder if the Chicago Park District knows anything about dandelion control outside of the downtown area?

Why do so many young people think it is a good idea to “come out” in a You Tube video?  Even more surprising, why do some think they should tell their parents over the phone on a You Tube video and post it later, no matter how it turns out?

Are we about to see a lot of athletes coming out of the closet?  Does it make a difference?  Really?  “Sir” Charles Barkly, an NBA Hall of Famer, says “of course” he had gay teammates.

Some say that 1 in 10 people are gay, but I do not think 10 per cent of the people I know are gay.  Or are they? mmmm?

Why do we salivate like dogs when we hear the ice cream truck coming?

Do all moms really know that when a younger brother tells on an older one that it is probably the younger one who was the trouble maker?

If I have an album on vinyl and cassette tape, should I still get it on CD?  If I do, will I still need to download a copy someday, or will my Google eyeglasses just play the song for me because I am thinking about it?

Why would anyone consider 8-tracks and 8 track players a collector’s item?

Why would anyone consider a Commodore 64 a collector’s item?  (Google it!)

If you have finally decided that something is junk, even though it still works, there is probably someone on eBay who will buy it.

It is an absolute sin that there are places in the world we can never visit because of fighting and hatred.

I am saddened over the desperate situation of people in Gaza, Syria, Somalia and a handful of other countries we hear little about.

Why are human rights abuses in some parts of the world of little concern to people in other parts of the world?

Does anyone think the Chinese government is not behind a lot of cyberspying and perhaps even web site crashes?  A show of hands please.

Casablanca is the best movie ever made.  Period.

Citizen Kane is an interesting movie, but does anyone (except a few critics) think it is the best movie ever made?  A show of hands please.

Laurence Olivier may have been the best actor of his time (look him up), but Johnny Depp is the best actor of his time.

I like Spencer Tracy in everything and doubt he ever gave a bad performance.

Iconic performers the Beach Boys, The Monkees (minus Davey Jones), Barry Manilow and Barbra Streisand all delivered the goods in concerts this past year.  Bob Dylan did not.

Jimmy Fallon and Craig Ferguson are the best late night talk show hosts.  Jimmy Kimmel and David Letterman are also worth watching most nights.

Will FOX News ever be anything more than biased and imbalanced?

Aren’t Justin Bieber’s 15 minutes of fame over with?  There are sooooo many You Tubers with more talent.

An original album by Sam Tsui and produced by his friend Kurt Schneider has just come out and was backed by their fans by way of Kickstarter.  If you do not know these guys, immediately go to You Tube and search their names.  They both do great work.

We are on the doorsteps of amazing break throughs in medical science in a number of important areas.  Your support is needed while the government tries to get its financial house in order, if that is even possible.

With friends in other countries, I appreciate the value of social media and of Skype.

I had no idea I could toss in so many random thoughts in a short amount of time.  These are a few items on my mind for which there are no complete columns, at least not yet anyway.