We continue to have culture shocks as time goes on. This week we discovered that the place called the Field Museum actually has a T-Rex skeleton in the building along with other dinosaur fossils. Isn’t life grand? Be sure to click “View original post” at the bottom to head over to SERENDIPITY for our culture shocking story.

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Travelling to America, Rich Paschall

You might think that anyone who moves to a new country might be in for a bit of culture shock.  If the person is coming to America from a wealthy Western European nation, Norway let’s say, you may not expect the shock to be too great.  After all, aren’t we as advanced as any of the other leading nations of the world?  Would we not seem as modern and progressive as anywhere else?  If we leave the political situations out of the equation, you might think those from the most prosperous of countries would feel at home here.  Of course, if their nations are modern, prosperous and progressive, you might wonder if there is much interest in emigrating here.  I have not met any new Norwegians in the neighborhood.

Arriving at Chicago O’Hare

What of those coming from South or Central America, for example? Would the…

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To update the article below we should report that Karen Lewis is still alive and, well,…still active. She has stepped down from her post with the Chicago Teacher’s Union for health reasons. The release of her obituary in error made us think about the things that may be written or said about any of us when we are gone. Click on “View original post” below to follow over to SERENDIPITY for the rest of the article.

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Your Obituary, by Rich Paschall

Taken on ‎September‎ ‎03‎, ‎2012, Viewminder

“Karen Lewis was fearless.” It was the opening line of her obituary on the Chicago Sun-Times  website.  The Chicago Teachers Union President had endured treatment for brain cancer in 2015.  In October of 2017 she had suffered a stroke.  She had surgery for a malignant brain tumor.  Through it all she battled on, and was widely respected for her tenacity and survival.

It was no surprise that her death would highlight the courage of her struggles.  There was just one little problem with the story as was mentioned on Lewis’ Facebook page, “Contrary to an unfortunate slip, I am not dead.”

Yes, the 64-year-old labor leader and brain cancer survivor is alive and living in Chicago.

Did you ever wonder how a periodical could publish a lengthy story on a famous person’s life just moments after they die?  Obituaries for prominent…

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In the modern era there are many crimes committed against people, but these long standing acts of villainy remain a problem. Read and share these criminal acts so you and your friends are forewarned. Be sure to click “View original post” at the bottom to follow to follow over to SERENDIPITY to this important public warning of criminal behavior.

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The Big Blanket Caper, by Rich Paschall

Crimes like this often go unreported. Perhaps there is fear of confrontation. Perhaps there is embarrassment. Perhaps the deed is temporarily forgotten in the light of dawn. It is evil, nonetheless. Victims need to come forward without fear of retribution. Action needs to be taken against the perpetrators.

The evil doers of these deeds may feign ignorance of their wicked actions. They may say to those who will care to listen to their lies that they meant no harm, if harm was done at all. HA! These especially heinous crimes should be pursued by an élite squad known as the Special Victims Unit in order to bring Law and Order back to the home.

The Big Blanket Caper

We are, of course, talking about those dishonorable reprobates who steal the covers in the night. As a victim you may find that while you were once comfortable in your own bed, a wicked and…

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Even though my calendar shows March, more cold and snow are on the way. Let’s hope it is not as bad as in this story. Be sure to click on “View original post” at the bottom to head over to SERENDIPITY for the rest of the story.

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By Rich Paschall, Sunday Night Blog

As far as Ralph was concerned this was the worst winter ever.  There were years with more snow, that’s for sure.  There were years that brought colder days.  There was never a winter that brought one snow after another followed by one arctic blast after another. Memory had no recollection of this many days below zero.  There were several days when pipes were frozen at Ralph’s house, leaving him without water to the kitchen.

After that, every sub-zero day meant water would be left running to prevent the pipes from freezing again.  Towels and throw rugs were tossed against the bottoms of exterior doors to prevent drafts.  Humidifiers were used to make the house more comfortable and the gas bill…  Well, Ralph did not want to think about that.75-BigSnowHPCR-7

While he hated every day of it, the neighbors might have thought otherwise.  Ralph was always out shoveling the…

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SNOW HATE – By Rich Paschall

Snow is coming to us again today, so I thought it was a good time to reblog this one. I hasten to point out that Harold has no relation to the short story series of another person with the same name. Odd I should know two Harolds, right? Click “View original post” at the bottom to head over to SERENDIPITY for the rest of the story.

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A NO H8 story by Rich Paschall – Sunday Night Blog

The door bell startled Howard.  He was not expecting anyone on a snowy Saturday afternoon in January.  He moved quickly to the front door and opened it to find his teenage grandson.

“Hello grandpa,” the boy blurted, “I came to shovel your snow.”  At that Billy grabbed a shovel from just inside the front door and went immediately to work.  Howard closed the door and watched him through the glass in the door.  Billy attacked the snow like he was angry at every single flake that fell from the sky.  The look on his face and the force at which he threw each shovelful of snow concerned Howard.


He went directly to the phone and called Billy’s parents.

“Hello,” came the voice of Howard’s daughter-in-law.  Madeleine was sweet, nice looking and ultimately clueless.  Her small social circle was her main…

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With a so called “National Emergency” being declared and the continual negative comments of our leaders, it might make you wonder why people give up their home to try to come here. Following are my thoughts on those making the trek to another world. Be sure to click “View original post” at the bottom to head over to SERENDIPITY for the rest of this article.

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A Different Road, by Rich Paschall

There are many people, especially those who live in third world countries I presume, who live in poverty, can not get a good education or good job, have infrastructure in need of building or repair, and have government leaders who only take care of the rich and those with special interests.  They have little hope of something better in their own country so they dream of going elsewhere.  If they can get a passport, a visa and enough money, many still aspire to travel to the USA.  When they arrive, all but the lucky few will eventually discover that they have moved to a country where many live in poverty, can not get a good education or good job, have infrastructure in need of building or repair, and have government leaders who only take care of the rich and those with special interests.  In…

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I AM HOME – By Rich Paschall

This is a short story with a bit of a twist. I like it when stories move in unexpected ways, and that was certainly the case for George here. Be sure to click on “View original post” at the bottom to head over to SERENDIPITY for the rest of the story.

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A piece of home alone fiction by Rich Paschall

The alarm went off at 6 am as usual.  Instead of hitting the snooze bar, George turned off the alarm and got up.  It was Wednesday, trash collection day in the small Florida town.  He no longer had Ethel to push him out of bed so he had to muster the resolve to get up and take care of the chores.  Jack, the faithful terrier, got up as well and was running around George’s feet as he tried to go through his morning routine.  Terriers do not lack morning energy.


After he got dressed and made his way to the kitchen, he started the coffee.  Ethel used to take care of this while George took care of the hyper active dog, but his wife of 40 years was gone now.  George had to make his own coffee.  George had to do all the…

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The Great Western Theme Songs

When I searched for the top television westerns of the day, I got a few Netflix series. That’s it.  No, there is not much out there anymore. At one time, television westerns were a mainstay of programming, especially in the early years.  The 1950’s relied on movie and radio series westerns and in  many cases their stars.  The successful shows invited series of similar content to arrive.  The 60’s and 70’s brought us many original westerns.  Since then, they have seemed to ride off into the sunset, never to return.

With the early westerns came some great theme songs.  I considered many shows with great opening and closing tunes when I compiled my top 10 western theme songs.  I wrote down this list (in no particular order) before paring it down to 10:
The Lone Ranger
Gene Autry
Wild Wild West
Have Gun Will Travel
Wyatt Earp
Lonesome Dove
The Rebel
Wagon Train
The Big Valley
The Roy Rogers Show
The High Chaparral
Bat Masterson
Jim Bowie
Death Valley Days

Which of these shows made my top 10 theme songs?  Saddle up your horse and head on over to (SERENDIPITY) to find out.  You will also get links to the top 5 songs in case you need to relive the days of yesteryear.

More Top Television Theme Songs, Western Division,” SERENDIPITY,


There is political news, fake news and alternative news. There is entertainment news and celebrity news. Maybe we should try “no news.” Be sure to click “View original post” at the bottom to continue reading on SERENDIPITY.

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Avoiding Stress, by Rich Paschall

Recently I attended a talk at work regarding avoiding stress.  We are in a deadline driven business and there can be a good deal of stress, so a talk on dealing with and reducing stress seemed like a good use of my time in a busy day. The speaker was Dr. Scott Cabrera of Higgins Sports and Spinal Rehab.  This caught my interest as I have had a variety of spinal issues and could not help but believe that some of them were caused by stress.

As I expected he had charts and a skeletal figure so he could explain to us about the spine.  He showed how we can often tense up and this is bad for the spine and the nerves connected to it.  We saw how nerves ran from the spine down the arms and legs.  Tension in the back could be the…

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Sometimes rather than write a commentary on something, a short story or a Top Ten list, I write a true story from my life. This is one of those stories. Be sure to click “View original post” at the bottom to head over to SERENDIPITY for the rest of this reminiscence.

Serendipity Seeking Intelligent Life on Earth

“Just imagine how awful we’d feel,” I told Betty one day, “if we got to the end of our lives and never produced our play. Especially if we really could have.  We’d always regret it.”

That’s how I pushed Betty to produce Liberation.  I knew she wasn’t entirely convinced, but that was her way.  She was critical, skeptical of everything. It was her strength.

Twenty years earlier we had done summer theater together.  After rehearsals, we’d adjourn to Betty’s apartment to tell jokes, sing songs and laugh our way to midnight. Those times would become our “good old days.”

We worked on a variety of projects over a few summers, and developed a talented circle of friends.  Betty was 2 years my senior, always the stage manager and sergeant-at-arms.  She kept us in line during our silliest youthful moments.

Rich and Betty at Pajama Game rehearsal Rich and Betty at Pajama Game rehearsal

With youthful exuberance we decided it would be a…

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