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Years ago, before I had a blog, I would tell people after they did something a little crazy, or I caught them in a candid picture, “You will be on my blog by midnight,” or “You will be in my blog on Sunday.”  I really did not give much thought to actually doing a blog.  It did not seem there was enough time for it and besides, who would read it anyway?  So it was just a running joke, nothing more.

I did have a Windows Live Space, however.  I think it was supposed to compete with the popular myspace.  This was all before facebook began to dominate social media.  My Windows Live Space was more of a repository of photo albums than anything else.  Only a few friends actually looked at anything I posted there.  I had no thoughts of promoting it to the general public, although that was a possibility.  I also had a myspace, still do I guess.  It was THE social media outlet of its time.  I used it to play Mobsters for a while.  Now it is a site for promoting music and entertainment news.  I rarely visit it.

When it was clear Windows Live was never going to hit it big, they decided to migrate everyone to Word Press.  Some of the content transferred when I finally got around to moving everything, most did not.  All the pictures are in some Windows cloud off in cyberspace that I can find if I explore my Outlook.  The Word Press page, named after my long running joke, sat idle for a long time.  A couple of articles came over in 2010.  I wrote nothing in 2011.   Then I started to post things in 2012.  It was fun, for a while.

At the end of 2013, Marilyn Armstrong offered me a Sunday spot on SERENDIPITY.  I offered a Christmas story.  We both liked it enough to run it every year.  So the true Sunday blog posts ended up over there.  There is something new on SERENDIPITY every day and Marilyn has a following.  A site with new content daily is far more successful than a weekly site, I think.

I am CharlieThe most posts for this site appeared in 2014, but the readership never grew and I decided to concentrate on the SERENDIPITY posts.  For 2015 most of what appeared here were actually written for SERENDIPITY in 2014.  There were original posts too.  The most topical and political pieces showed up here.  Here are the top 5 of the past year written for Sunday Night Blog:

  1. HASHTAG: I am Charlie  This followed the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris.  It was more than an attack on freedom of the press.  Millions came together to support a publication they had never head of before.
  2. A life too short I have run this story several years in a row.  It concerns the life of French singer Gregory Lemarchal and his losing battle with Cystic Fibrosis.  I don’t feel I have adequately explained it yet and have tweaked it every time trying to do better.
  3. WE STAND WITH PARIS  This political commentary came 11 months after the Charlie Hebdo piece and following another terrorist attack.
  4. Beyond Freedom of Speech  This was a follow-up to the Charlie Hebdo story.  There was another side that I felt needed to be said.
  5. A TRIP TO ALSACE  A short article plus a photo gallery of my trip to France.

All of these had something in common.  It was not intended but likely speaks to the influences of my life.  They all have to do with France.  So it is no surprise that after American readers, the next country on the “views” list is France.  Photo galleries really skew the stats in deceptive ways.  A look at each picture counts as a “view,” which is equal to reading a whole article.  One person can run your total way up by looking at every picture in several galleries.  One day I had 136 views (according to the stats page) but only 3 visitors.  We can not take the stats page too seriously as they seem to be behind real-time.

Interestingly, the stats say my most popular day is Sunday.  Imagine that!  I wonder why that is, LOL.  Search engines, facebook and (SERENDIPITY) drove the most traffic to this site.  I was surprised to see StumbleUpon drove traffic here as well.  I thought the site did nothing for me so I stopped posting there.  Their stats did not reveal views on anything I posted there.  I may have to resume posting there.  Like my tumblr posts, the StumbleUpon posts are just links back to here or SERENDIPITY.

My most read post ever all time is ANGEL COMES OUT.  It was written for SERENDIPITY in 2014 and almost immediately found an audience.  It’s the true coming out story of someone I saw on You Tube and subsequently located.  It’s harrowing, to say the least.  Angel kindly let me proceed with a dramatic retelling, although it certainly is an episode he would like to leave behind.  His dramatic telling of it is still on You Tube.

2 thoughts on “SUNDAY NIGHT REVIEW

  1. Serendipity publicises automatically on Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, and more. So you are reaching more people than you think 😁 You have built a good following on Serendipity. Good for you, good for me, good for readers.


    • Thanks. I have added the publicizing tools to Sunday Night Blog, but of course anything going out of SERENDIPITY has immediate impact. That is all do to the friends and followers of Marilyn Armstrong.


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