A little question for New Year’s Eve.

Serendipity Seeking Intelligent Life on Earth

The Jackpot Question, Rich Paschall, Sunday Night Blog

By now you are expected to have a good response. So what is it? What are you doing? Certainly your friends have been asking and you must have something interesting to say. Unless you are under 18 or over 80, you do not get a pass on this one. So, what’s it going to be? Party? Dinner and dancing? Will you be outside watching fireworks or in where it is warm? If you are in Florida or Arizona, I guess you could be outside watching fireworks where it is warm.

Since there seems to be so many different things to do, the question might actually be somewhat logical. Restaurants, bars, hotel ballrooms all seem to have some sort of package deal. There are shows and concerts of every type. Whether you are in a big city or a small town, plans for the celebration abound. For some strange reason, everyone…

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  1. We’re going to eat dinner and watch a movie. At home. Maybe pack since we are going away Monday. Happy New Year, Rich. We’ll be gone from January 4 through January 17. I’ve posted a few things to try to keep “Serendipity” alive, and there are two of Ellin’s pieces for the 4th and 11th. OtherWISE, anything you want to contribute, please DO. I’ll post from wherever I am when I can, but I think it unlikely I’m going to be glued to the computer the entire time 🙂 Have a great year!! Let’s keep the nuts in the nuthouse and not the Whitehouse.

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