As I was freezing at our local Oktoberfest last night, I thought of this. Unlike Germany, the fest here was in a large tent so it was not a warm event. My Germany visit is one of my best memories.

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The meaning of the annual celebration, Rich Paschall, Sunday Night Blog

German-American Festival, Chicago German-American Festival, Chicago

It seems every community wants to have an Oktoberfest.  It doesn’t matter if they have any idea what the Oktoberfest actually is.  They just want to have one.  Perhaps some think if they have enough music and beer, then they have a Fest.  Our community is no exception.  Chicago’s largest ethnic group is German-American so we think we know how to have a Fest.  As street festivals go, it is pretty good.  It is not an Oktoberfest like you would find in Germany.

Some of my friends have the Oktoberfest in Munich on their Bucket List.  They think I should want to be a party to this too.  The older I get, the worse this idea actually sounds.  For those who don’t know, around six million visitors show up for the 17 to 19 day festival.  If…

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  1. I enjoyed the Oktoberfest photo from Chicago, Illinois. I am 1/4 German, maternal grandmother came from Germany and met in her 20’s my grandfather from Sweden. He was an engineering student at the New York technical school and passing out socialist pamphlets. She was a waitress at the Waldorf Astoria. 🙂 Their love story and my Great Grandparents’ love stories were one of my first 50 posts. ♡


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