The Midterms

And the winner is…

The Republicans and Big Money seem to be the winners of the midterms.  They have taken control of Congress leaving us with some officials who do not seem to mirror the wishes of their constituency.  Have negative ads unduly influenced the elections and brought about results contrary to the nation’s beliefs?

If the Republicans were winners then it follows that the Democrats and their followers were the losers, but there was an even bigger loser than the Democrats in the 2014 midterms.  “Who or what was a bigger loser at the polls?” you may ask.  If you don’t already know or you are not sure, check out a commentary on SERENDIPITY now: Majority Does Not Rule.

4 thoughts on “The Midterms

  1. If there is a bright side to this (perhaps bright side is overstating it), it’s that the ball is in the other court and there is some off chance that the GOP will feel obliged to do something since they do want to be re-elected. They have the chance they’ve been saying they need. What will they do with it … the gazillion dollar question.


  2. In a two party system, especially one as divided as ours, isn’t it inherent that some part of the electorate will always be upset with the results? For example, many people may wonder why anyone would vote in a Republican majority. However, most people that I know are thrilled with the outcome.

    Personally, I think the Republicans are correct on some things and the Democrats are right on some things. That would, I guess, put me in the middle, and I believe the true majority wants politicians to make decisions from the middle. That is why people can believe something on a certain issue but vote in another direction. They are neither liberal or conservative and must make a choice between the two.

    As for people not voting, the blame cannot be laid at the feet of wealthy contributors or anyone in power. That blame lies solely with those who choose not to go to the polls.


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