And they always come home…eventually.

Serendipity - Seeking Intelligent Life on Earth

Around the corner, there is a farm. Organic. They sell milk. Unpasteurized and not homogenized. The milk separates, with the cream rising to the top. I bought it for a while, but find I prefer homogenized. The also sell eggs and clover honey. They feed the wild turkeys too, so those ill-tempered birds are always lurking, waiting to attack my car.

on the farm

When the weather is warm, the cows spend their days in the big pasture. When it gets really hot, they will stand in the stream to cool off. They have as good a life as any farm animal could hope for. Even the chickens look happy … and chickens never look happy. They are congenitally discontented.

The farm is located right on the Blackstone River, so it isn’t only great to have the farm around the corner, but it’s lovely. Any time of year.

The pictures were taken by Garry and me. Each is signed appropriately.

When we…

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