Touch Me

Touch me.

Touch Me

Touch Me

Hold out your hand and
Just touch me.
Do understand that
You’re part of my life
And part of my dreams.
The man you see here
Is not what he seems.
Reach out to me.
Show that you care.
Please touch me now
So I know that you’re there.

Be there.
Share in my life and
Just be there.
Stand next to me and
See what I see
And feel what I feel.
The world that I have
Can only be real if you
Give it some life.
Give it some soul.
Be with me now
So you thoughts I can know.

Know me.
Look at me close and
Just know me.
Know that I
Want you with me,
Yet I’m frightened inside
That the love that I have
Will be put aside.
Look in my eyes
For thoughts of a friend.
The message is there
That the voice can not send.

Tell me.
Reach down inside and
Just tell me.
Sing out to me
With the words I desire
And the words that I need.
Acknowledge my world
and set my soul free.
Won’t you be the strength
That I need so much?
Reach out to me,
So our worlds, they can touch.

Touch me.

Photo credit: By Mike DelGaudio (Flickr) [CC-BY-2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons



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