When I decided to take up a weekly writing commitment 2 years ago at this time, I was rather devoid of good ideas.  So I wrote about the first things that came to my mind: Chicken Wings.  That’s right, my deeply analytical mind thought about sports bars and wings.  Since then we have become partial to the wings at Pitchfork in Chicago.  Maybe we will see you there some day.  Here is the inaugural effort:

Yes, that is a plate of wings for my cover photo on facebook. They are not just any wings, because they are from O’Donovan’s. They are Chicago’s best, so far. I mean I have not tried them all, so there may be some better ones out there somewhere. Pitchfork is pretty good, but hot. I mean HOT. Riverview Tavern is good too. You can now tell I eat local (and drink local). Forget large chain restaurant wings. They are just adequate, and who wants to eat something that is just adequate? Go for something better.

I must point out that the only wings under consideration are Buffalo wings. Bar-b-que wings can be served at your picnic. Buffalo wings will be served with our weekend sports, please. If you need some veggies on the side, OK go for it. It really isn’t necessary, however. It is all about the wings. A Sunday without wings is like a day without…I don’t know, wings I guess.

The bar has been set pretty high as far as my wings are concerned. That is because we had Buffalo wings in Buffalo, and not just anywhere in Buffalo. We went to the holy shrine of Buffalo wings, the Anchor Bar. Let’s just buy into the story that Buffalo wings began there and all wings are to be measured against their taste. They are excellent and served in a loud sports bar. What can be more American than that? Apple pie? Nope, wings!

There really is no other reason to go to Buffalo. It snows too much there and the Bills have not been a serious contender in the NFL since Jim Kelly was quarterback. Of course, you may have to cut through Buffalo to go to Niagara Falls. In that case, you might as well stop for wings. On the scale of food and drink, Buffalo is barely a step up from Detroit. You might as well enjoy the one item they have given to the American cuisine.

For all my talk about wings, I guess my arteries would be much more clogged than they are if I ate half as many wings as people may think. I talk about it more than I can actually go out and get them. Wings out of the home freezer just are not the same item, that’s for sure. I could make them fresh myself, I suppose, but…nope. Got wings? Why not?

taste tested by French food critic


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