My Word Press Round Up


The latest Zero to Hero challenge was to publish a round up of at least three other blogs and tell why you love them.  This actually is too easy as I have been checking through my Reader and looking at other blogs a lot lately for various writing assignments.  In addition, I listed some blogs in the last post in response to the Liebster Award.  That’s an award we give one another listing blogs that deserve recognition.  Happily, someone gave me one and I was then able to pass it around.  There are a number of these floating around the blogosphere and a nice way to introduce one another to interesting blogs.

Deserving every award on Word Press and having already collected most of them is SERENDIPITY.  This blog by Marilyn Armstrong will fill your senses with good articles and excellent photography.  Any and every topic is the subject and the writing style will keep you coming back.  When I am pressed for time and cut back on reading, I usually find time to make a stop there.  You may also find Garry Armstrong there from time to time, as you will today.  He has a small piece of history to relate to us.

While I am happy to find such a wonderful blog to follow, I am more grateful that Marilyn started to follow the weekly efforts here.  Her comments and encouragement have kept this site alive.  After more than a year of reading each other’s work, Marilyn has graciously let me post some pieces on recent Sundays.   Since you can find my short stories there on Sundays since mid December, you may feel I am not exactly impartial, but I was a long time follower before the idea of being a contributor came up.

A very recent find is The Open Closet.  I mentioned this blog below and this may be a bit redundant but I find the “letters” to the readers there to be frankly put and clearly stated.  The writing style will draw you in with its candor and fluid story telling.  I intend to catch up on the pieces I missed on this relatively new blog.  For me there is added interest in a story that has partly unfolded in the same city I’m in. No, we have never met.

As for stories, I have gone to the other side of the world to find Just a Blog.   OK, it is not just a blog, it is a lot of stories.  If you are looking for fiction, you may wish to go to New Zealand and find the stories that Jack is telling.  The good thing for those of us in the USA is that we do not actually have to hop a plane, since we can travel in our cyber-tardis over there any time we like with just a click on the internet.  There are some multipart stories which allows for a much longer tale than I am prone to telling when I get out my fiction pen.  OK, I do not actually have a fiction pen but I hear Jack does.  It’s just a rumor (or perhaps a “rumour” in New Zealand) but I think he does.

I get email notices for the two blogs above so I know what I have to catch up on since I started following those blogs.  I am always on Serendipity so it is not likely something will slip by.  Marilyn is quite prolific, however, and it is not uncommon to find several postings a day.  Happy reading, everyone!

3 thoughts on “My Word Press Round Up

  1. I don’t merely LET you post on my site. I depend on it! Thank you for the kind words. Because of you, I actually get the occasional day off, which is good because it lets me catch up with myself. I love your writing, subject and style 🙂 I think you’ll have some prizes of your own before long. Count on it!


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