Not as easy as it looks

Graphic failure

Part of the Zero to Hero month was a challenge to write a post with an element you would not normally use.  I guess the point is to take you out of your comfort zone.  I looked over the suggestions and thought I would drop in a tweet.  I have already put photographs and videos on the blog.  A tweet would be something new, something exciting, something easy.  Celebrity tweets are always fun and I see a few on my feed.  I think Seth MacFarlane make a lot of funny comments.  Neal Patrick Harris is a regular online.  Joseph Gordon-Leavitt is intriguing.  Why not pick one of them and write a few pithy comments?  The You Tube generations lives on Twitter as they are constantly self promoting.  Some of them are even interesting.  Perhaps one of them would make me seem more relevant and up to date.

First and really the only point worth making, it was a total failure.  As you can clearly see, there is no tweet embedded in this lovely post.  I read the instructions.  I am reasonably literate.  I thought I understood it completely and…nothing.  I either got the URL or I got nothing, depending on the variation of dropping the little picture that I tried.  I am certain that more than Word Press gurus and teenagers are capable of doing this, but I threw in the towel when the clocked tolled 22:00 hours.  OK, my clock does not actually “toll,” but you get the point.  It took too much of my time, which is too bad when there are more funny tweets of 140 characters or less to read.

So, there will be no “Hero” tonight, only zero.  If I was snowed in and it was 15 below zero, I would spend more time trying to figure it out, but we already did that this week.  Today we had a heat wave in the 20’s and we are back to reality.  I think I will go tweet that.

3 thoughts on “Not as easy as it looks

  1. You know, I’ve embedded videos from YouTube, pictures of every kind, galleries, links and now, music. But a tweet? I barely know how to make one much less embed one. But I gotta hand it to you. At least you tried 🙂


    • I started with the support page and when putting the URL on a separate line only gave me a separate line with a URL, I tried some of the variations. Those did not show anything when I went to Preview. I am not sure what else to try.


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