Who I am and why I’m here

Hi, my name is Rich.  Glad to meet you!  Why am I telling you this when I have been writing a blog here for a while?  Perhaps you don’t know me or what in the heck I am doing here.  First, I write blogs of all types: shorts stories, satires, concert reviews, political commentary, news analysis.  If I could be both educational and entertaining, then I would feel like I achieved my purpose.  Hopefully, a few of you will jump into the comments here or on my social media sites like facebook or Google+.

Certainly I would like to connect with like-minded readers, but I would also like to see some opposing opinions from time to time.  I love the dialogue and the opportunity to see a particular issue from another viewpoint.  I admit that sometime an opposing view means I work harder to research and prove my point, but other times it just illustrates that there are many sides to a topic.  When I got challenged on the origins of Decoration Day (Memorial Day), for example, I learned there were other views and why some people believed these others stories.  Historical facts can sometimes be hidden in the legends and the mythology of a time period.

If the blog is a success this year, it will have captured the imagination of subscribers and occasional visitors alike, and it will please many readers as well as myself.  If the blog is not a success…well, let’s not go down that road.  What is the point of negative thinking?  It will be a success to me if I truly believe I have put forth a good story or essay.  When you are in the act of writing, you are doing it for yourself.  Later, when you are ready to publish, it is for everyone else.  When I complete a piece, it has reached its first level of success if I am will to hit the “Publish” button.  You are the next level of success if you “Like” it.

Recently, I have not only been here on Sundays, but also on SERENDIPITY.  That is the blog by Marilyn Armstrong that publishes daily.  You can catch her writing and excellent photos there every day.  I have been writing short stories there, but have a couple of non fiction items in mind for the coming weeks.

I got here by accident, actually.  I never intended to jump into a blog site.  I had a Windows Live Space.  I think it was Windows trying to be MySpace.  Well the Window Live Spaces are gone and MySpace has morphed into something else.  I liked MySpace, but facebook linked people together more efficiently and MySpace is now mostly a music site.  Windows offered us the opportunity to move any of our blog type entries over here.  I did not have much and mostly a collection of favorite videos.  If you did not move by a certain date, your entries were lost.  So, here I am.  I did nothing for a while.  After the transition, I posted some thoughts however.  My humble beginnings are below:

Hello world!


It looks like there is a lot to learn here. This migration was forced on us actually. It is part of the change happening at Spaces. I guess I can not say that we had many (ANY?) visitors over there. Everyone is on facebook and MySpace. Well, as a matter of fact, I am too. The notices that Windows Live Spaces is going away appeared in my Hotmail inbox. I decided to move my blogs here as a simple click would bring things over. However, the videos did not enjoy a smooth transition and I may have to try to add the videos again. I really am not sure I will do it tho. I am now against just loading content for the fun of it.
The proliferation of social networking means I will have to be more discriminatory in my choices. I simply can not hop on MySpace, facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Plaxo and some other sites I can not even recall at the moment. It just eats too much time.
I reluctantly gave up Mobsters on MySpace. It was eating up way too much time. I felt I owed something to my fellow mobbies who sent “energy” every day. I just had to return it or something was wrong with me. I told myself it was my entertainment instead of television. The game was more encompassing tho and I would stay with it for hours at a time. I realize now it was pretty much a waste (after I reached level 500) and I had to get a life. I mean I had real friends and real things to do.
So I don’t know if I will have time for WordPress and the other things that my Windows Live Space will morph into. I will post this one and see what happens. Happy blogging to my fellow Spaces members who will be transferred (or deleted) into some other home in cyberspace.


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