The World Around Us

Great but totally random thoughts and musings

First and foremost, have we not learned anything from failed Middle East policies?

Is there a particular reason why we are not calling the military coup in Egypt a “military coup?”

With the hundreds of thousands of surveillance cameras in a large metropolitan area like Chicago, does anyone doubt that Big Brother is watching?

Isn’t Glenn Beck’s 15 minutes of fame up?  Doesn’t anyone care that he just makes stuff up?

Have you seen A Face in the Crowd?  Now would be a good time.

“Hey Orville, is that a big crow up there?”  “No Wilbur, it’s just another drone.”

The city claims that all the speeding and red light cameras are for increased safety of the citizens.  Does anyone doubt that they are really for revenue enhancement?

Did Miley Cyrus kill Hannah Montana by dropping a house on her or has she morphed into the green witch out for revenge?

Did anyone notice what a great job James Franco did as Oz, The Great and Powerful?  It is the perfect prequel and pays due respect to the Wizard of Oz 74 years after its release.  (It played to mixed reviews.)

Did John Kerry have a face lift?

Does Mitch McConnell have permanent indigestion?

Does John Boehner has permanent indigestion?

Is democracy dead?  If not, why do you have to be a millionaire to be elected to high office (or at least have many millionaire friends)?

When did pink become a gay color?  Colors are not gay or straight, masculine or feminine.  They are just colors.

If cotton candy was actually made out of cotton, would it be any worse for you than the stuff it is made out of now?

In this day of advanced technology, why would we ever hear, “Price check on register two?”

Is advanced computer training necessary to be a cashier at a fast food restaurant?

If a teenager can account for every penny received from parents, why can’t he make change at the fast food restaurant?

Should McDonald’s include 5 dollar items on the dollar menu?

Is Edward Snowden actually spying on the Russians for us?  Does anyone besides the president care if he stays in Russia for the rest of his life?

If 90 percent of teenage girls and 10 percent of teenage boys have crushes on someone in One Direction, doesn’t that equal 100 per cent?  Doesn’t Perez Hilton think it equals 100 per cent?  Doesn’t Perez Hilton have a crush on someone in One Direction?

Isn’t Seabiscuit a great movie with appropriate commentary on the time period by the appropriate narrator?  Rent it, buy it, download it, stream it, steal it.  OK, maybe you should forget the last option.

If Mick Jagger stopped singing “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction,” does that mean he got some?

Do you think Mick Jagger still Moves Like Jagger?

Should the Rolling Stone start their concerts an hour late like they are some 60’s, or worse yet some 70’s, rock band?  Oh wait, nevermind.

What do you suppose are the combined ages of the members of the Rolling Stones?  What if you include Mick Taylor in that?  I am sorry if you have to be a Rolling Stones fan to figure that out.

Isn’t the baseball season over yet?  Even though the Chicago Cubs are “three peat” champions (1906, 07 and 08) we are losing our enthusiasm.

What if the “loveable losers” are no longer loveable?

If I have only watched a total of 2 dozen different channels on my television, why must I buy a package that gives me hundreds of television and music channels?

Won’t streaming video to my computer and tablet someday replace cable television?

If everyone wants a 65 inch television, why do they watch things on a 7 inch tablet?

Is 3D television dead because we don’t want to buy/wear those silly glasses?

Does Ashton Kutcher remind you of Steve Jobs?  Yeah, me neither.

Is it possible both Two and a Half Men and Charlie Sheen came out ahead in the infamous falling out of the two?  And what is the beef of that Angus kid?

These are just a few of the wonderful things running around in my head.  Feel free to share some of yours in the comments.


6 thoughts on “The World Around Us

  1. Being a cubs fan is rough. 105 years since the last series win? Not even a pennant since … 1945 was it? If the Sox hadn’t won twice a few years ago, we would still be in that slough of despond.


  2. Great thoughts, Rich, and a little laugh for a Sunday night as I still have more laundry to tackle. I never thought the Cubs would be unlovable, but I admit I have to listen very carefully when the line-up is announced to determine which team they are talking about. The Cubs will always be my team, but it is getting hard to stay interested. I know, however, that any year they make the playoffs I’ll forgive the last 100+ years and rejoice. I spent June sweating out the Blackhawks run for the Cup; I don’t know how I’ll survive a Cubs World Series year. It would be nice to find out.


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