London 2012, one year later

Time has not diminished the fine memories brought back from the London games. We were so glad we made the trip. With carefully planning it did not break the bank, it just put a bit of a dent into it. Last year at this time the Olympics were finishing up and I took the opportunity to put a few photos here. Below is the brief article that went with the gallery. I added two pictures to balance out the columns. Click on a thumbnail and go through the larger versions. I was also able to comment on the closing ceremonies because I watched some of it live online, rather than wait for the tape delayed, edited NBC version. The You Tube video is ours and taken at the Basketball Arena. I hope you enjoy our look back:

London 2012 photo gallery

A London Underground train decorated to promot...

A London Underground train decorated to promote London’s Olympic bid. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

London was indeed ready for the 2012 summer games.  From sports venues to crowd control, everything was in order for the mass of humanity that arrived in London from all over the world.  This is not to say that we did not encounter some delays getting from venue to venue, but it all seemed to move along smoothly.  To have 70,000 volunteers on hand to greet us seemed an impossible task, but they did it.  Every where we went, the Brits greeted us with a smile and told us they were glad we came.  The volunteers were not just at the Olympic sites but at the train stations and intersections, landmarks and parks and just about anywhere a tourist might need a hand.  It was worth almost a year of vacation planning for us and we only wish we could have stayed a little while longer.  We are pleased to share just a few of the many pictures we brought home.

The closing ceremonies will give you a heavy dose of Beatles music, of course.  Appropriately, in my opinion, a small group of volunteers, representing the tens of thousands were presented flowers by medal winning athletes.  The finale rocks, literally.

LINK:  Official London 2012 closing ceremony photo gallery as well as links to all galleries can be found on the London site.   


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