4th of July and other updates

Last year on this date I noticed a lack of flags on this block.  It is the same this year.  Furthermore, I have noticed very few flags in my travels this morning.  It is a shame really.  We should not merely celebrate a day off of work, but also a day that represents something we cherish above almost everything else, our freedom.  Here is most of what I said last year:

As I look down the street, I see that we are the only ones flying the flag today. Why is that? It seems to me that in the 21st century we have largely dropped the practice of flying a USA flag from our front porches. The only place some will see a flag today is on their paper plates under their hog dogs and potato salad.

Kashmir is a Led Zeppelin tribute band I saw last Saturday. As I got one good video of their performance, I uploaded a song to my You Tube channel.

Last Saturday this blog got as many hits as the previous 10 days. There was nothing spectacular about Saturday and as I usually only post on Sundays, it was a bit of a surprise. Thanks for stopping by.

I wish I could tell you where I got the picture below. I copied it last year onto my Facebook profile just for the day, and have no recollection of who posted it. Since things can get passed around the internet rather quickly, there is no telling where it actually started. I like it a lot so here it is.

4th of July

2 thoughts on “4th of July and other updates

  1. It may sound silly, but our flag pole collapsed and replacing it was so expensive, we gave up. We used to always have a flag flying, but with the vinyl siding and a fiberglass door frame, it’s pretty hard to figure how to attach one to the house, and a full size one is impossible when you live on granite ledge. We were lucky we could find enough depth for the mailbox!


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