What’s next?

The Inevitable Movement Onward

For many the completion of a project follows with the question, “What’s next?”  It may not be an immediate reaction to completion, as one may wish to stop and admire his/her work for a moment.  Eventually the spirit moves you to decide what to do next, unless you are a complete couch potato with zero desire to do anything.  In that case, I suggest therapy.  Zero motivation is not a good thing and will kill you in the end.  It is best to keep moving onward and avoid the entropy that destroys matter, such as yourself.

So it is the case with the Sunday Night Blog.  It started with the personal challenge to write an article a week for a least a year.  We have gone on well past the year and some weeks saw more than one article.  There is a sense of completion at meeting and surpassing the goal.  The past 13+ months have seen as many writing styles and topics as passed through my brain.  From story telling to straight up reporting to photo galleries to poetry to political commentary and beyond, the blog was blasted with whatever came to mind.  Shortly after finishing one topic I would begin to wonder about the next.  Sometimes there would be more than one article ready to go.  This is because one Sunday Night article may have been pushed aside to take on a more topical subject.  Items in the news may have dictated a rearranging of the schedule.  Topical items, usually political in nature, needed to be published while the item was fresh in the minds of readers.  Hence, there could be more than one article in the que, so to speak.

The blog never took off like I hoped it would.  Any week that saw more than a dozen readers was probably due to Serendipity blog by Marilyn Armstrong.  A reblogging of an article there immediately meant a bump in readership, sometimes significant.  I guess that is how Word Press blogs should work.  Supporting each other would bring bloggers to your site and those bloggers become subscribers and maybe even promote your blog on theirs.  In this regard I may have failed as I did not get around to many other blogs myself.  It seems life and especially work got in the way.  Taking a new job last summer that doubled my commuting time certainly did not help any.

On the other hand I did all of the recommended items.  I publicized to facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Yahoo and others.  I used the webmaster tools to try to get more visibility on the web.  I started a facebook page to promote the blog along with my personal facebook site.  I turned a couple of blog entries into You Tube videos on my channel.  I added a Brand Yourself Profile to promote my links.  I started a personal website to promote my links or add personal items.  I used Chime.in, Stumble Upon, On Top list, Google+ as well as hitting Twitter with multiple promotions during the week for the same article.  With over 64 million Word Press sites along with all the other blog sites out there, it would take a full-time effort, along with a little luck and a lot of talent, in order to create a truly popular personal blog.  Of course there are some good examples out there, but for each hugely successful site, there are thousands of equally good or better sites that reach virtually no audience.  Oh, I am not claiming to be better than most.  I have not read most of them!  This was more of a personal indulgence anyway.

So what is next?  I can not say for sure, I do have a few videos to edit.  That too is a personal indulgence.  By the time that is complete we should be on the doorsteps of summer and I plan to go and check that out.  Life is full of this same question.  Continually searching for the answer is what makes life a great adventure.  If I should drop in here from time to time like an old uncle who occasionally shows up at family events, you can bet it is strictly because one of my adventures has left me with what I thought was an interesting story to tell.

À bientôt.

3 thoughts on “What’s next?

  1. This is a great article and many other bloggers should take the time out to read it. I love to hear someone so passion about what they are doing and making their dreams happen. Tomorrow I am going to be touching not he topic of being content on my blog. We should always be motivated to keep moving on with your life. The people that are successful are the ones who keep pushing past their expectations even when they succeed. Great post.


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