Poetry Week continues

It was always clear to me which poem to choose to finish off the week tomorrow, but I found many competing for my attention for the Friday spot. While a number really caught my imagination, I also found I wanted to edit them. It was not the time for rewrites. Just a few seemed OK as they were and so I picked the following. Please come back tomorrow for my “word war.”

It Goes Without Saying

When I say how I feel
You reply so sincere that
It goes without saying.
It’s always been clear
And I should see too,
What stays on your mind.
Your heart hasn’t changed
Through all of this time.

When we shared the same vision
of a shooting star,
Or gazed at the galaxies
in the heavens afar
No words broke the moment,
No voice would be right.
We sensed at that instant
an indescribable sight.

If we sat in the stands
and saw a great play,
We voiced our excitement
with plenty to say.
If a show caused emotion
or gave a great thought.
We searched for the reasons.
The words had been sought.

But something is different
with certain emotions.
A feeling down deep
Sets somthing in motion.
I’d like to explain it,
If only I could.
So it goes without saying.
I’m not sure it should.

How often we laughed
at the very same things,
Though nothing was spoken –
Just a glance had been seen.
And are there not times
your thoughts go with mine?
And say all those things
just then on my mind.

But when it comes to each other
The words are so tough.
Some seem too many and
Some not enough.
If it goes without saying,
Why do I feel this way?
Why do I keep on asking,
“What are you trying to say?”

Copyright Richard Paschall

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