Poetry week

While some have taken up the challenge to write a poem everyday in April, I have decided to present a week’s worth of my efforts rescued from old notebooks that have been stored for years in the basement.  In a certain manner of speaking, they have never actually seen the light of day.

The Wrong Affair

Hasn’t this gone on too long?
It wasn’t right from the start.
You gave me a smile, a laugh.
I gave you my heart.

Affairs like this aren’t meant to be,
So why do I hang on?
My heart tells me to stay awhile;
My mind tells me I’m wrong.

Were those summer smiles
just for me?
Were those sun-burned days
for Love?
Did the moon come out those
lazy nights
When we laughed at
stars above?

Will the Fall see us again in
cooling autumn breeze?
Or will you turn away from me
With the turning of the leaves?

I wish that I could walk away
And start with someone new,
But every time that you’re away
I only think of you.

This could have been the right affair
If only from the start,
Instead of just a smile, a laugh,
You’d given me your heart.

Copyright Richard Paschall

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