National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry month.  Herein you may find my humble contribution, based on ideas taken from Shelley’sOde to the West Wind.”

The South Wind

Not from the West as they had said
Or from the North as we had thought,
But from the South you gently came
Bringing the comfort we have sought.

Your presence felt upon the earth,
Though you arrived and were not seen,
An angel on a cloud of hope,
In answer to a summer dream.

Oh hear – the wind is blowing,
A spirit moving everywhere.
Glad are we that you are near us.
Glad are we that you are there.

No storm’s commotion you announced.
No lightning broke the evening skies.
No rain had fallen down on us,
Or stole the glow of our sunrise.

The year has come alive with song,
And peace will rest within my soul.
A life of happiness abounds,
More precious than the world’s gold.

Oh hear – the wind is blowing,
with power more than it would seem,
Destroyer of the world’s pain,
Preserver of the world’s dream.

You waken nature from her sleep
With a voice that softly sings
The seeds we’ve planted start to grow
In the courage that you bring.

Play thy lyre, play they tune;
Let us hear your melody.
You drive away unhappy sounds
To bring us love and harmony.

Oh hear – the wind is blowing;
A message calls to you and me.
Listen close and you’ll discover
The trumpet of a prophecy.

Copyright by Richard Paschall

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