Sunday Night Vlog?

Being Alone

From time to time I actually post something on the vlog channel. Last weekend I thought I would try to turn the Sunday Night Blog into a Sunday Night Vlog, complete with the music breaks. It is hard to describe what is running around in my brain some weeks when I finally sit down to commit the weekly article to…uh, cyber paper. So, last week I thought I would turn the blog into a vlog. There was no way I could remember it and I really do not know how vloggers put up prewritten material, so you will see the glow of my laptop on my glasses. The text was there for me to read when I need a jolt to the old memory cells. It was an interesting experiment in editing for me. If you look closely you will see the edit in one of the sections. I will not explain how many sections were restarted as my tongue tripped over itself. In the end, there were a few lines I wished I had delivered as my brain originally heard them. Nevertheless, I am pleased that Sunday afternoon yielded an article and a video by Sunday evening. If you wish to see the text, jump back to the previous entry. Since I spent an entire 99 cents to down load the music from Amazon, I hope you will watch.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Night Vlog?

    • yes, vlog! This is certainly something the 20 somethings and below are into. I see a lot of interesting “vloggers.” It is the entertainment that has replaced TV for a younger crowd. I have a few videos up. One of my videos picked up a lot of viewers when a popular vlogger (his periodic videos get over a million hits or views) added mine to a playlist of his. Yeah, I know, tech is passing us by.


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