The stars in the sky and other updates

Last weekend I posted an article on the homeless people we see begging for money in the streets.  In these hard economic times, I believe more of them are out there than any time I can remember.  How do we help these people?  In an attempt to call these issues to light I used a format I have used before, that is using lyrics or other well-known lines to frame the article.  It has worked well in the past, but this time it was a failure and drew very few readers.

English: The three biggest web search engines

English: The three biggest web search engines (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are plenty of articles floating around cyberspace to tell you how to write and market an effective blog.  When you publish, you want the word to go out to all your social media contacts.  You also want to make yourself as visible online as possible so search engines and followers will find you easily.  There are many articles about keywords that can be seen by Google, Bing, Yahoo or whatever search engine someone uses.  This is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  While I have not constructed articles peppered with the right action words to come up in “organic searches,” I am aware that certain words and phrases can aid being found.

Last Sunday’s error was the title.  I was uncomfortable with it from the start, but stayed stubbornly to the idea that I should use part of my “framework” in the title.  The problem was the title was too vague or way too generic.  It included a line from the lyric in the title, but obviously the wrong line. A good title will catch the reader’s attention and indicate what the article is about.  My title did not do that and the Sunday Night Blog suffered as a result.  I had the least amount of readers stop by this past week than in any one week after publishing a new article, except perhaps for one or two at the beginning.  Lesson learned.  Aside from the ill-conceived title, I firmly believe the article itself was well constructed.  If you believe begging in the streets has become a problem, go back to the previous article.

The new article coming up this afternoon will deal with your rights.  You know, the ones we have outlined in the Bill of Rights.  This is somewhat different from your “God-given” rights, although there are some who are apparently confused about that.  Are gun control laws legal?  Are they even necessary?  Is the position of the NRA reasonable in light of historical context, either today’s or that of the founding fathers?  This certainly is an emotional issue but it is not time to shy away from the public debate.


2 thoughts on “The stars in the sky and other updates

  1. I have also found that people tend to not respond to posts that make them uncomfortable … and posts about homelessness, cancer, death, dying, middle-class poverty tends to get very little response. If it’s funny, controversial, or contains pretty pictures, concerns celebrities or popular movies, it gets a pretty good response.But I no longer expect “heavy” subjects to get much response. I write them anyway because they are important. I often rework them and repost them multiple times in the hopes of finally grabbing some attentiont to something I consider important.


  2. I wrote this follow up because I did not get many readers. I usually do not see many comments, but I wanted to get some readers on this one. It was on my mind for a while. Tonight I saw someone begging for change at the off ramp of the expressway where there is a traffic light. He has been there before, It is 5 degrees outside.


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