Having a good week

Let’s face it, some weeks just suck.  No matter how good things are in life, a bad day can easily turn into a bad week.  Even the people with the happiest attitudes toward life can find a week when things are just upside down.  People you encounter are unpleasant and your bright personality does not seem to shine through for them.  Life is full of good and bad, but a positive attitude can go a long way toward heading back to “the sunny side of the street”, or some other appropriate cliché.  You take the bad with the good and you adapt, because in reality it is the only way to treat life.

As weeks ago, this one for me was over the top.  It was the reward of things already done, some recent, some far past.  It was all unexpected, I have to admit.  Just when you think no one notices the things you do, you find out a lot of people are indeed taking notice.  I have always believed that whatever you do well will pay off for you, even if you can not see the direct result.  It happens in due course.  If you are religious at all, then you will understand the belief that your prayers and good works will be answered.  They just may not happen on your timetable, and perhaps not even in this lifetime.  This is my belief.

So this past week was filled with goodies.  First I received a message from another blogger that she was passing along a Super Sweet Blogging award.  She found a past entry here from July as a worthy contribution to blogging.  You can find her many entries here and I think you will find “teepee12” a stop worth your time.  I will soon post another message where I detail the award and the guidelines for accepting.  I must, of course, pass along the “sweets.” 

For many years I have been active at the Neighborhood Boys and Girls Club in Chicago.  It was just boys when I joined and now it has grown in size.  It is their 81st year of serving our community.  Last year they began a Hall of Fame and named 8 people who made significant contributions to the Club success.  The founder and the first director have passed but some of the old timers are around and were honored.  This year they will honor 5 more and I have to tell you that when I received the call I was stunned.  I thought they were calling for me to take pictures and say hello to fellow alumni.  I fear a lot of the old timers are forgotten by the present committee and I will salute them, some by name, when they honor me at their reception.  I am a bit embarrassed at being chosen ahead of many others and forever grateful.  If you read my personal story a few weeks back then you know the Club was my home away from home for a long time.     

Last Sunday I saw a video from Charlie McDonnell.  Charlie is a young You Tube Blogger and very popular.  His short videos are really just entertainment escapes for us.  He has 1,700,559 subscribers at this writing and well over a quarter of a billion channel views.  His message last week had to do with his anxiety over continuing to do well what he has been doing for several years, that is entertaining us with his stories, comedy skits and songs.  Perhaps it is a scary thing when you finally realize the reach your channel has.  In addition to filming a straightforward video about being scared, he has also written about it on his website.  Charlie’s natural charm shines through his videos so we can not think of Charlie being scared.  While video responses may not be a big thing, Charlie got a couple hundred.  I added one to it just because I was touched by his reflections on what he does.  I never thought mine would be seen as there were over a hundred at the time but I posted anyway.  The first day I got about 15 “views.”  The next day I got 4200.  The channel I posted on had about 100 views for 3 videos before this week.  Now I have over 8300 views.  This is because Charlie posted a play list of his favorite responses (9 at present) and mine was on the list.  So now my channel has been well seen, has subscribers and all because a charming British twenty-something liked a video I made.  It is unedited, except for a title, and strictly “off-the-cuff.”  Visit his charming channel and watch more than his last video to see what I mean.  I had a great week and I hope Charlie did too because of the outpouring of love on his channel.


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