Top 10 reasons your city does not want the Olympics

1.  A common cause might inflict such a feeling of civic pride, you might catch “Olympic fever.”

2.  The quaint infrastructure of your community might be replaced by modern structures.

3.  Tourists and sports buffs might overrun your city and fill your hotels and restaurants.

4.  Your parks might become littered with new sports facilities.

5.  Open and unused industrial or commercial land might be subject to some sort of residential “village.”

6.  Unique street art by local youth with spray paint might get washed away.

7.  Favorite old train cars and buses might be forced into early retirement by younger models.

8.  Many years of construction jobs could be imposed on the entire community.

9. Better to hear “Mind the gap” over and over then by annoyed with “The train is now approaching the station.”

10.  Familiar old train, bus and street signs might be removed and replaced with ones that actually tell you where you are going.

I could have kept going here.  In London I noticed that people had to rethink traffic flow.  Alternate ways to get to work were considered by most.  The challenge of keeping the city moving while a million people descended upon it in just over two weeks was met beautifully by the British team.

Check back tonight for some pictures from London as well as the National anthem video which is already up on the You Tube channel.  The link is in the banner above.

Credit:  Banner photo by Nike #findgreatness.


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