Chick-fil-A and other updates

According to the clock on my wall it is time again to piss off my gay friends. OK, it’s like this: if you are following all the laws you can build your restaurant anywhere you want. I am then free to patronize someone else. We do not serve the cause of equality well by trying to deny a business a place to legally set up shop. If we deny someone his right to have stupid comments come out of his mouth or to run his stupid business, then we are denying the first amendment. The next thing you know we won’t just be discriminating against the stupid, we will want to deny rights to someone because he is black or Japanese or, I don’t know, gay maybe.

Last Sunday I talked about the proliferation of postings on social media sites that involve statements that just are not true. This week I see Fox News is up to its old tricks. They are busy taking some of the Presidents words out of context in order to create a false impression. Of course, since it is coming from a “fair and balanced” news outlet, people are believing it. Fox panders to a certain type of prejudiced viewer and drags a lot more down with them. Fortunately, John Stewart completely blew up this nonsense on his show.

Jon Stewart Slams You-Didn\’t-Build-That-Gate In Romney, Fox News\’ Faces #VIDEO#

viaJon Stewart Slams You-Didn\'t-Build-That-Gate In Romney, Fox News\' Faces (VIDEO).

For some reason people want to tell me about the security measures, or lack thereof, for the Olympics. Perhaps my friends are just trying to be helpful before I leave for the games. They will not scare us into staying home because we have been planning this for a long time, and have lots of devalued American dollars and euros invested in this. Unfortunately Mitt has decided to piss off the Brits by questioning whether they are ready for the London 2012 games. That’s the way to show your foreign policy savvy.

Romney stirs Olympic tiff

via Romney stirs Olympic tiff as European tour begins | Political Headlines | Comcast.

We will be in Germany when the USA plays France in basketball, but we will have the opportunity to see most of the game before going to London. Because of the outrageous costs of going direct to London from the USA or France, we are heading to Germany first. It seems strange, I know, but it appeared to be a good idea months ago. This Sunday Night the blog will take on the merits of travel. After that I hope to bring back some good pictures to share with you.


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