You Tube “hits” and other updates

In the past week my You Tube channel got over 1200 hits (views). This is somewhat surprising as I only have 1 subscriber (a friend), so no fan base to draw on. It is all on the strength of the Barry Manilow videos I posted. On July 12th I attended the first night of three concerts for Manilow at the Chicago Theater. It is a wonderful place to see a show, big enough for big names but small enough to be somewhat “intimate.” That might be a bit of overstatement for a theater that seats thousands, but everywhere is a good view and the sound is great. After the popularity of the first few videos, I put up all the usable recordings that I had. While the channel has been there over 7 months, the number of views more than double in the past week.
It was never my intention to have an “oldies” channel, but that is what it has turned into and I am OK with that. I thought it would be current groups I like. There are some Maroon 5 videos from a few venues sandwiched in between Chicago and the Beach Boys. I also have a song from a Led Zeppelin tribute band. People are now pointing out to me other old-time rockers coming to the Chicago Theater. I am not sure what is next.

It was hard to decide what is next for the Sunday Night Blog. The appearance of the “Fed” chairman, Ben Bernanke, at Congress and his stern warning on what will happen if they fail to take action on the end of tax cuts and the automatic budget cuts that take place if no agreement, seemed a good follow up to last’s week’s comments. Franklin Roosevelt once commented that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. It looks like we also have to fear Congress.

Both last week and this week I have thought about writing on the death of the middle class. Yes the patient is on life support and it looks like Congress will pull the plug. It seems the wealthy class in Congress fails to understand how the success of the middle class drives the economy and therefore helps to make many of them wealthy. Perhaps we will hit this topic soon.

Sunday night we’ll look at the unfortunate trend to wage campaigns in the social media and the resulting misinformation we receive. I fear too many people get their “news” from their friends’ errant postings.


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