Chicago and other updates

Rare that I should even think to write something prior to the Sunday Night Blog posting, but there are a few things going on in Chicago worth some attention. This past week we saw Barry Manilow at the Chicago Theater. I confess I would not have gone had we not be treated to seats, but I am glad I did go. We enjoyed the show. I was able to get a new recording of Bandstand Boogie to replace an old one previously used in a past blog on Dick Clark. You can also find it on the ihjtalk music channel. There is a link in the banner above and at the very bottom of the page.

Currently running at the Black Ensemble Theater is The Marvin Gaye Story. It is a fascinating look at the very trouble but extremely talented performer. The cast is great and it was our privilege to meet the producer, author and director of this play, Jackie Taylor. The theater is her dream and it has found new quarters on Chicago’s north side.

Chicago the band will play on Chicago’s lakefront along with the Doobie Brothers on the last Saturday in July. Northerly Island is a great spot to see a show if the weather is nice. I will miss this one because we will to on the way to the London 2012 Olympics. I hope to bring back a carousel of pics and will even try to figure out how to use that application on Word Press. I can always revisit some videos of Chicago from a few years ago that are still on the ihjtalk channel. I have a better camera now but the video is OK and the sound is very good. Check it out.

For tonight’s blog it will be time to “send in the clowns,” or thoughts on the 112th Congress.

5 thoughts on “Chicago and other updates

  1. Nice to see your Blog Rich! First time for me. And you (we) are going to London for the Olympics. Who is the “we”? Just curious. Sounds like you are enjoying your summer. Have fun! And safe travels to London.


  2. Speaking of Chicagoland… After Romney’s family jewels got caught in the wringer of Bain’s SEC filing of him being their everything for three years longer than Mitt has claimed (in order to duck some of the accusations of outsourcing by Bain companies during those years), the Romney camp is fighting back by claiming that the Obama campaign is practicing — “Chicago politics.” Oh, the humanity!


  3. Sorry that sentence is so ill-constructed. Mitt claims he’s not responsible for Bain actions that occurred after he began chairing the SLC 2002 Olympic Committee in 1999, and that he was on leave of absence from Bain for the subsequent three years, and then did not return to Bain afterwards — even though Bain still listed him as in charge through 2002 in its official SEC filings (under penalty of perjury, I believe).


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