A coming out story update

When I commented on some coming out stories that I had seen, I could not find the video by Angel. I had told parts of his story that I had seen weeks earlier. Since You Tube has many thousands of coming out videos, I could not find his at the time my blog published. The story was so moving that many of the details stayed with me, however. As he had the courage to share his story with the world, I felt it was OK to share with the few visitors to this blog. I could not understand how someone could beat this handsome boy bloody because he is gay. To make it worse it was his own father.
Since that time I had seen a few more coming out videos. I guess my viewing history now prompts them to come up as recommendations on my You Tube home page. I am happy to see there are many good stories being told. Some, however, are painful to watch and are sure to make you wonder where all this hate comes from. As I learned more about You Tube working with my music channel I discovered that it will keep your viewing history unless you erase it. Going back through months worth of history, and deleting a lot of crap along the way, I finally found Angel.
Watching his story again, I found myself as emotionally involved as the first time. Before you get to the “it gets better” part of the video, it may move you to tears. It did for me. If you know me, you may find that hard to believe. I invite you to watch the video and see for yourself. You may better understand the difficult life of a gay teen, living in fear. In this case, it was fear of his own father.
I have gone back to the original story and made some minor corrections, including a couple of grammar errors that slipped through. I guess it is hard to edit with tears in your eyes.

The Trevor Project, “It gets better”

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