Original ideas and other thievery

Really, how many original ideas are left? Wouldn’t you think that most of them have been used up by now? That’s what I think, so a little thievery of intellectual property every now and then might have to do. I mean you can not expect me to come up with anything remotely original every week. It just is not possible, especially on a Sunday night. If you are tired from a busy weekend, what else is left on Sunday but a little thievery?
This was the case a few weeks ago when I saw a vlog on “ageism.” I really never used that term before and tended to think of the topic as one of “ageing” instead. However after seeing a vlog on “Ageism,” why not a blog on the same topic? OK, there were a number of different ideas included, but who is to say where they came from? They could have sneaked into my brain while watching other vlogs, talking to friends, or rummaging through the internet as I often do to murder off some excess time.
I have decided to turn to my vlogging friend for more ideas. I think we must have something in common, so why not? Well, we may have little in common actually as he is about one-third my age and lives in another country. I can not really says we are friends either, more like internet acquaintances, very distant internet acquaintances. That is no reason not to borrow some of his ideas, right? Perhaps it is all the more reason to do so. There is another vlogger I watch, but he is British too and honestly, I do not understand most of what he says. It is that accent, I think. So, I have to stick with Danny for ideas, or steal from friends and relatives, many of whom can actually read. They might not approve.
This week I saw Danny on Twitter. The brevity of the format means you usually are not getting great thoughts in under 140 characters, but it might be a start. Pete Wentz has some interesting tweets, but it is just some random fall out, boy, and not in the black cards for us to understand. I decided to just ask Danny directly for ideas about England in general, London in particular. We are going to England next month, so I thought I could get ideas for the trip. Maybe I would become smart enough to write a few semi-original ideas on visiting Great Britain. I did not actually think I could walk away with a whole 140 characters to use. He gave me some ideas on the local cuisine, but since I am going with a Frenchman, I doubt he will call it cuisine.
I encouraged Danny to vlog on great things to do when visiting Britain. With any luck at all, this could serve two purposes. It could give us great ideas for our visit, and material for another blog. What is a little thievery between friends, or internet acquaintances? Danny is cool, I think he will understand (or not?).
Also cool is Charlie McDonnell, another vlog specialist. At least he keeps telling us he is cool in his vlog, charlieissocoollike. I thought we could learn how to be English from Charlie, so an American and Frenchman could blend right in when we get to London, so we watched “How to be English: EXTREME.” Basically, he taught us how to make tea, but my friend prefers Guinness, so it did not help much. Besides, I don’t own a tea strainer, although we can probably find one in London, but I digress! Perhaps we should not trust Charlie since he dyed his hair red to look like Rupert Grint. OK, he did it on a dare, but he still looks like Rupert Grint. By the time we go, I am sure some of these Brits will provide us with our “original ideas” on what to do in London. It is a big city so there must be something, right?

Since I have obviously run out of ideas, original or otherwise, here are two videos. One is serious and the one I referred to on two occasions, and the first is just for fun.



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