The Beach Boys and other updates

If you have been reading here, you know that I was favorably impressed with the Beach Boys performances in Chicago. That’s why I was excited to hear the new album that came out this past week. The Beach Boys harmonies are still there, applied by the master, Brian Wilson. This album is the perfect bit if nostalgia, but with all new songs. Imagine what type of music these guys should be doing 50 years after their start. This is it. The Beach Boys sounds of the 60’s and 70’s are here, but with lyrics that appropriately pay tribute to their journey, the good times and the not so good. If you did not think they could do it after all this time, check out some of the songs on You Tube. For an idea of what their current tour looks like, check below.

You Tube is totally addicting. For me it is just like MySpace was only a few years ago. Then I would go to MySpace music to listen to new songs and see new artists. I think it is still the better way to go for that. On You Tube I get lost in the vlogs (that would be blog with a V) and news stories and even find myself looking a pieces of movies I somehow missed. Hours of time get tossed aside as I link from video to video. This Sunday I will give proper credit to an idea I got while watching a vlog by Danny J. My topic this week is Original Ideas and other Thievery.

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