Here come the Hawks…

The mighty Blackhawks? Well perhaps they are not so mighty. Actually they fit into the category of most Chicago Sports teams. You know, the championships are few and far between. Except for the Chicago Bulls of the 1990’s, Chicago teams have never had anything resembling a dynasty. No, the Cubs of the first decade of the 20th Century do not count. If it is over 100 years since your play-off run, you can not claim it.
The Blackhawks finish up another mediocre season Sunday. While we had hoped for a team that would look like the 2009-2010 team, we got another team of unfulfilled expectations. For a team that begun in 1926, capturing Lord Stanley’s Cup just 4 times is unimpressive. It might be a little more fun in the last few years than the extended draught brought on by Bill Wirtz’s desire to keep the team in a previous century. Still, the current crop of players are not ready for prime time. I suppose if everyone was healthy, it might be different, but every team has injuries during the long season. I guess we just have no one in Rockford or Toledo ready for the big city. That’s too bad because Rockford and Toledo sound like places to which you are banished to languish at the end of your career, not places you start one.
So it is time to go off and see the final contest of the season. I have not been to a game this year, so it would seem a shame not to catch at least one contest. On the other hand, the price of a decent seat and the cost of a few cold ones makes catching the game at a local sports bar quite a bargain. A frosty beverage with a slice of orange floating in it and wings that actually attack does sound pretty good. Perhaps that is why you can find your choice of United Center seats available on Stub Hub right up close to game time.
Now for the famous Chicago sports phrase…”Wait until next year!”

on to the play-offs?

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