Hello world!


It looks like there is a lot to learn here. This migration was forced on us actually. It is part of the change happening at Spaces. I guess I can not say that we had many (ANY?) visitors over there. Everyone is on facebook and MySpace. Well, as a matter of fact, I am too. The notices that Windows Live Spaces is going away appeared in my Hotmail inbox. I decided to move my blogs here as a simple click would bring things over. However, the videos did not enjoy a smooth transition and I may have to try to add the videos again. I really am not sure I will do it tho. I am now against just loading content for the fun of it.
The proliferation of social networking means I will have to be more discriminatory in my choices. I simply can not hop on MySpace, facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Plaxo and some other sites I can not even recall at the moment. It just eats too much time.
I reluctantly gave up Mobsters on MySpace. It was eating up way too much time. I felt I owed something to my fellow mobbies who sent “energy” every day. I just had to return it or something was wrong with me. I told myself it was my entertainment instead of television. The game was more encompassing tho and I would stay with it for hours at a time. I realize now it was pretty much a waste (after I reached level 500) and I had to get a life. I mean I had real friends and real things to do.
So I don’t know if I will have time for WordPress and the other things that my Windows Live Space will morph into. I will post this one and see what happens. Happy blogging to my fellow Spaces members who will be transferred (or deleted) into some other home in cyberspace.


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